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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Side Range Hood Jun 07, 2017

    The outlet in the side of the normal, and now most of the rooms are like this, the public room of the kitchen flue pipe are in the side, is more reasonable, that saves space and beautiful. Of course, the hood of the exhaust are in the middle (the side you do not find may not be made out). In the decoration of the kitchen will be modified, the use of the hood hose can be hidden in the ceiling inside, do not worry about not beautiful. The effect of fumes will not be affected, the oil reflow should not worry, because the hood hose is threaded.Side range hood

    As for the selection of range hood, according to the size of their own kitchen and the number of fumes to choose the right range hood. In addition, consumers should be based on their own needs to choose hood products, not the higher the price of the hood products, the better the performance of the smoke. When you buy, you can feel the hood around the leak without leakage, the air volume is not big, if not leak and the air volume that the range hood smoke ability; can also directly feel the noise range of the hood , Especially the front of the noise, and touch the shell to see whether the vibration, quiet, smooth running range hood is the user's first choice.Side range hood

    The range hood is an important player in the kitchen health guard and is an integral part of the kitchen decoration. The range hood has such an important place in the family life, so we must not be sloppy when picking the hood.

    Pumping smoke way:

(1) top suction range hood: we can often see in the market the traditional way of the range hood is "top suction range hood." Top suction range hood is generally installed in the top of the stove, the range of fumes from the face of rising fumes, can quickly achieve exhaust smoke. The traditional top-suction range hood has been eliminated and will be gradually replaced by a better side-suction range hood and a lower-range range hood. Advantages: easy to clean, smoke effect is better. Disadvantages: when cooking easy to meet the head, and drip is not very convenient.Side range hood

(2) side suction range hood (near suction range hood): side suction (near suction) using the side into the wind and fume separation technology, is developed into a few years out of the product, the traditional pumping smoke Machine to improve the design, the first time to smoke fumes, so that the fume purification rate is higher. Advantages: Suction smoke better effect, environmental protection and energy conservation. Disadvantages: less style, cleaning more trouble, noisy.Side range hood

(3) under the suction range hood: the general and stove installed together, and the abolition of the traditional hood chassis, you can then cook, so that the smoke does not rise, direct drain. In the summer when cooking, did not feel any heat. Advantages: strong heat dissipation, exhaust smoke effect is obvious. Disadvantages: less style, expensive.Side range hood