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The Advantages Of Side range hood Aug 11, 2017

                Smoke effect: Large oil-absorbing area, close to the lampblack, more aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design, first use fume separation plate to separate the fume and then discharge clean air principle, discharge clean air does not pollute the environment, not to meet the oil, smoke the effect of good pumping, the high rate of oil smoke, the motor does not stick with long life, cleaning convenient, especially suitable for the Chinese kitchen of the high, the other side suction shape is not easy to meet.Side range hood

                Appearance: not easy to meet, smoke machine from the outer edge of the table 20cm-40cm, so that there is no sense of oppression. It can be said that the side-suction range hood completely solves the problem of the former Lampblack machine meet. Simple and generous, reinforced glass surface style novel.Side range hood

                Installation requirements: Side-suction hood, and ceiling-type smoke machine different, through the side of the wall-mounted installation of the wind and the unique core technology, in the smoke absorption effect than the traditional ceiling-type smoke machine into a step, in the installation of the time can be hidden in cabinets and cabinets into one, do not occupy space, smoke does not pass through the respiratory zone. Price issues: The complexity of the production process and the increase in material costs, so the price is higher than the Chinese smoke machine and European smoke machine disadvantage: noise generally larger. Less style, the collection of smoke inside the cavity often can not be achieved in one molding. Suitable for the crowd: tall, a variety of heavy-flavor cooking fume big, the smoke machine color value requirements of the kitchen God.Side range hood

                The larger the amount of air, means the faster the exhaust fumes, the less the fume gas outside the overflow hood. In short, it is able to quickly and timely kitchen fume platoon clean. Lampblack Machine motor Performance determines the size of the Lampblack machine, for most of the Lampblack machine brand, the larger the noise and volume of the larger, but can be used through the motor dynamic balance design and duct system design to a certain extent to circumvent these problems. According to the latest national standards, the air volume value to be ≥10m³/min, and our civil public smoke pipe design generally can accommodate m³/min exhaust air, so choose the wind in the 15m³/min up and down the range hood is enough to cope with the domestic kitchen situation.

                The wind pressure is the exhaust air of the hoods to reach 7m³/min static pressure value, directly affects the smoke exhaust speed, the wind pressure value is bigger, the lampblack machine in ability is stronger, the smoke exhaust effect is better. Generally speaking, the larger the air volume, the greater the wind pressure, the two can be combined with reference.