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The Background Of The Range Hood Production Jun 16, 2017

    Early family kitchen exhaust work is done by the exhaust fan. Although the exhaust fan can exclude most of the kitchen fumes, but it is unable to solve the cooking smoke generated by the entire kitchen pollution, cooking fumes contain a lot of harmful substances, if people long in the fumes full of room Work, will lead to the occurrence of many diseases.Range hood

    According to the WHO study, 34% of the 4.3 million people who died in the world due to kitchen air pollution in 2012, 22% and 26% of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and ischemic heart disease were killed About 6% of lung cancer. In the research project on disease risk assessment, the kitchen air pollution (smoke) has been classified as the biggest health hazard after high blood pressure, smoking and alcohol abuse. The number of people who die each year due to the smoke generated by the inhalation of the kitchen is more than the total number of deaths from malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.

    The study of Chinese farmers in the American Journal of Cancer Society also confirms the impact of kitchen air pollution on human health. Chinese and American scientists surveyed in Yunnan Province surveyed more than 20,000 farmers found that farmers in the stove without ventilation equipment, the probability of suffering from lung cancer, about those who built a chimney or ventilation equipment at home twice the farmers. Researchers said that in the extent of the cause of lung cancer, the use of no ventilation equipment stove and smoking almost.Range hood

    Chinese people's diet is different from the Westerners, so the kitchen from the kitchen varieties, style to the layout, are very different with the Western countries. China is a gourmet country, in the food processing, frying, frying, cooking, fried a large proportion, so the Chinese kitchen in the smoke is very large, easy to make the kitchen environment becomes greasy and bad cleaning, so smoke The machine has become a necessary machine to change the kitchen environment. It changes the kitchen environment and reduces the damage caused by soot to the kitchen environment and human health.Range hood