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The Features Of Side Range Hood And The Misunderstanding Of Purchasing Jul 01, 2017

    Equipment structure: hood main organic shell, air duct, fan, check valve, set oil discharge device, lighting device, power switch and power cord, etc. The casing and the panel are composed of two parts, the use of cold-rolled thin plate surface spray treatment, not only the shape of clean, beautiful not rusty, but also high durability and easy to clean. The motor is the core part of the range hood, using a fully enclosed single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor; The iron shell is completely closed, the motor bearing is double row ball bearing, the insulation grade is e-insulated, and the capacity of starting capacitance is about 4 micro-method. The wind wheel adopts centrifugal type wind wheel. Its diameter is 220mm 240mm. Silicon alloy aluminum sheet stamping, durable not variant, good dynamic balance performance.Side range hood
    The channel is flue gas, from the cold-rolled thin steel plate surface spray treatment, the rationality of the duct structure determines the entire range of exhaust air and noise. Check valve is made of plastic, the role is to prevent the flue gas intrusion. The smoke exhaust device consists of a oil collecting box, a smoke pipe, a oil collector cup and a guide oil ring. Lighting device ordinary Chinese machine using 15 incandescent spiral bulb: European machine, near-suction type of cold light source lamp, outside a detachable transparent plexiglass film, will be closed, to avoid cooking fumes stain and corrosion lamps, to ensure electrical safety. The power switch uses a light touch switch or a mechanical switch to control the operating state.Side range hood
    Shopping error: According to the study, more than 60% of women who have been exposed to lung cancer have prolonged exposure to kitchen fumes, and in kitchens with poor exhaust fumes, the health hazard is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes a day, causing 1.6 million deaths a year worldwide. Experts pointed out that in addition to the correct control of oil mild cooking time, but also the right choice of hoods. Because of the close-range smoking and open design of the side-suction lampblack machine, the side suction machine has gradually occupied the market and become a major mainstream of the Lampblack machine market. But in the face of a large number of side suction machine, in the choice of side-suction machine, consumers should eyes, avoid the following six major misunderstanding. Myth one: "Round into the tuyere, you can 360 into the wind" misunderstanding. In the market many side suction machine Middle position has a round mouth, claiming to 360 into the wind. But in fact, the cooker two TOU produced by the oil fume distribution on both sides, and the central position into the smoke, only to ensure that the most recent smoke from the central area into the omni-directional, far away from the smoke is very easy to escape, so this 360 into the tuyere is only 360 open design, not to achieve So let two of tou smoke at the same time, you must ensure a well-off intake. Myth two: "The larger the air volume, the better the smoking effect." The effect of smoking can not only rely on the air volume to determine, too big not only can not absorb fumes, but also disturb the flow direction of lampblack gas. "Eleven-Five Project" research shows that the most suitable air volume of public flue gas is 15m3 Min, not the bigger the better. And theoretically speaking, wind turbine air volume and noise is a pair of natural contradictions, air volume over large, but caused by unbearable noise.Side range hood