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The Function And Introduction Of Chimney Hood Aug 18, 2017

     A smoke chimney, including a cylindrical cylinder, mounted on the upper end of the cylinder with an annular umbrella-shaped guide plate, the upper end of which is mounted at the upper end of the cylinder body, and the lower end of the guide plate is gradually outward arc-shaped. The wind can be arranged on the outer cover of the vent to enter the mezzanine gas channel, along the mezzanine air flow upward. In the flue gas mixing zone, the smoke and gas mix, the air flow leads the smoke upward movement, enhances the flue gas upward flow speed, avoids the smoke. Chimney Hood
     Each interlayer air passage is independent of each other, and each other is not a series of wind. The technical structure is simple, the maintenance is simple, the production use cost is low. There is no need for any power energy, completely by its own physical structure to guide the air, to prevent smoke. Can work long time, durable and reliable structure. For different blowing the chimney wind, have very good drainage effect, effectively prevent smoke.Chimney Hood
     The main role of the chimney is to pull out smoke, exhaust fumes, improve the combustion conditions. High-rise buildings in general set the number of different staircases, exhaust ducts, air ducts, exhaust flue, elevator shaft and pipe wells, such as vertical wells, when the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature, the indoor thermal air because of small density, then along these vertical channels naturally rise, outward discharge, outdoor cold air due to the density of large, from the lower layer of infiltration to supplement, forming a chimney effect. Chimney Hood
     At present, the use of chimney discharge is more direct discharge, there is no wind and rain prevention function, in the event of strong wind in the wind directly into the flue gas channel, so that the smoke can not be discharged normally, rainy rain will follow the vent into the flue gas channel, resulting in the passage of damp and stagnant water,Chimney Hood
     Chimney is one of the oldest and most important anti-pollution devices. The chimney was invented very early. When the original people found the fire, but also found the same truth: where there is fire, where there is smoke. The earliest chimney is the vent in the room. Smoke also comes in when the fire is brought indoors for cooking and heating. This forced people to try to vent the smoke in the house by opening vents on the roofs and walls.Chimney Hood