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The Historical Evolution Of Range Hoods Jul 01, 2017

     Range hood also known as suction hood, is a kitchen environment to purify the kitchen appliances. It is installed in the kitchen health energy-saving smoke cooker stove above, can burn the stove waste and cooking process produced by the harmful fumes of the human body quickly removed, out of the outdoor, reduce pollution, purify the air, and has anti-virus, explosion-proof safety and security role. Hoods need regular cleaning, simple cleaning is to deal with oil, cleaning hoods must use professional cleaning agent for cleaning.Range hood
    The Chinese diet is different from the Westerners, so the kitchen variety, style and layout are very different from the Western countries. China is a dainty food country, in the food processing, fry, fry, cook, fry occupies a large proportion, so the Chinese kitchen lampblack is very big, easy to make the kitchen environment greasy and not clean, so the hood has become a change in the kitchen environment of a necessary machine. It changes the environment of the kitchen and reduces the damage to the kitchen environment and human health caused by Lampblack.Range hood
    China's first lampblack was introduced by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China at the Munich Commodity fair in Germany when the technology and products were introduced. But there is no combination of Chinese cooking in their own way. Foreign home cooking mainly emphasizes to maintain the nutrition and original flavor of vegetables, the basic use of cooking and frying cooking skills will not produce much soot. The Chinese emphasis on high stir-fry will produce a lot of lampblack. Smoking smoke machine is the use of hot air to increase the principle of design. Filtered through the oil net but not up to 100% filter lampblack.
     2011 1-December, the national household smoke exhaust machine production amounted to 18.95 million units. The old strategic layout of the three industrial clusters, consisting of Zhejiang, Guangdong and Qingdao, is gradually replaced by the new strategic territory composed of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Tupai and Shanghai's four new industrial clusters. With the development of China's hood industry, some problems are becoming more and more obvious. In particular, hood industry standards are not standardized, research and development capacity is weak, technology upgrading slow, environmental protection and energy efficiency is low, safety problems and serious pollution problems such as restricting the further development of the industry and improve the quality.Range hood