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The Important Factor Of Side Range Hood Nov 06, 2017

To keep the kitchen clean, the cooking fumes must be collected and drained in time. The collection of Lampblack is particularly important, is the main use of the range hood function. and the effect of collecting smoke hood is its structural form, not the amount of wind volume.Side range hood 

At present, the popular European-style hoods in the market with shallow-layer-shaped smoke hood, some even near the bottom of the "ultra-thin", "streamline" shape design. This design is contrary to the aerodynamics principle, it will make the collection efficiency of the range hood greatly reduced. But the ventilator fan does not have the collection smoke hood, thus lacks the collection function.Side range hood

The efficiency of smoke exhaust fume is greatly improved. However, the use of smoke hoods, indoor cleaning, the pollution of the exhaust gas has caused the outdoor environment "two pollution." To this end, some manufacturers design and development of environmentally friendly pumping units. It uses the powerful jet to form the water film to the lampblack carries on the high efficiency filtration, uses the flowing water source to remove the cooking fume which the kitchen produces, discharges the relatively clean air, avoids "two times pollution".Side range hood

This new range hood does not dip lampblack, can be free of washable, is an ideal environment-friendly products. There is also a filter-type loop hood, it relies on the outer layer of the oil suction net and the inner carbon filter to absorb the smoke, after the treatment of clean air circulation into the room, so no need to install a dedicated external exhaust pipe. This type of non-polluting Lampblack processor is widely used abroad, and there is a small amount of production in China at present, and will be the popular variety in the future.Side range hood

Because the flue duct narrow or smoke pipeline too long, resulting in large suction, small displacement, the two disproportionately, so that the wind in the accumulation of air circulation, causing the whole machine jitter. The noise is very loud. Do not use damp wipes and slippery lotion to wipe the hood switch, if the switch is caused by the wet series will burn the motor. Lampblack machine As long as the oil circuit is unblocked as little as possible to wash, such as the need to clean professional operation.Side range hood