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The Individual Needs Of The Range Hood Oct 26, 2017

With the development of technology, automatic cleaning function gradually improved to the present mainly refers to the water is used to pour the cleansing liquid into the dedicated cleaning tank, and then press the cleaning switch on the wind wheel to spray the use of high-speed operation of the wind wheel The oil on the air wheel is clean and clean. After the cleaning is completed, the water will flow directly from the oil cup hole into the oil cup.Range hood

Automatic cleaning range hood to effectively avoid the user to wash the hood heavy work, the daily difficult to clean the inside of the range hood thoroughly clean, like the automatic washing machine cleaning clothes like cleaning hood.Range hood

Automatic cleaning is from the user side to take into account the needs of users, through the traditional hood on the basis of the addition of cleaning motor, cleaning kettle, control circuit, catheter and other related equipment. Each time the cleaning hood, the neutral detergent and warm water by 5: 200 ratio of the deployment of the hood into the cleaning kettle, hood "slow block" workpiece conditions, press the "cleaning" button , Cleaning the motor will be inside the kettle cleaning fluid through the catheter, the nozzle into the wind cabinet, the wind wheel rotation and liquid jet under the dual role of the cleaning fluid and the wind wheel, the wind cabinet inside the surface of high-speed swirl Friction, so that the oil completely decomposed and discharged through the oil pipe, according to the hood dirt and ambient temperature, may be appropriate to adjust the concentration of cleaning fluid and cleaning times.Range hood

Preparation of cleaning fluid: clear agent and warm water ratio of 5: 200, into the cleaning fluid: the cleaning solution into the range hood cleaning kettle. The first automatic cleaning process, in the range hood "slow block" workpiece state, gently press the cleaning button to start the automatic cleaning function. The time is about 15 seconds. Until all the oil into the oil cup, close the range hood; remove the oil cup, pour out the oil in the oil cup. Note: If the fume machine oil too much, repeat the above steps and then cleaned twice.Range hood