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The Intelligent Technology Of The Wall Mounted Range Hood Oct 17, 2017

Suction range hood, is a purifying kitchen environment kitchen appliances. It is installed in the kitchen health energy-saving smoke hood stove above, can burn the stove waste and cooking process produced by the harmful fumes of the human body quickly removed, out of the outdoor, reduce pollution, purify the air, and have anti-virus, explosion-proof safety and security role. Hoods need regular cleaning, simple cleaning is to deal with oil, cleaning hoods must use professional cleaning agent for cleaning.Wall Mounted Range Hood

The shell and the panel are composed of two parts, the use of cold-rolled thin plate surface spray treatment, not only the shape of clean, beautiful not rusty, but also high durability and easy to clean. The motor is the core part of the range hood, using a fully enclosed single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor; The iron shell is completely closed, the motor bearing is double row ball bearing, the insulation grade is e-insulated, and the capacity of starting capacitance is about 4 micro-method.Wall Mounted Range Hood Use multi-layer oil NET to filter {5-7 layer}, increase the motor power to achieve the best effect, the general power is above 200 watts. Features: beautiful appearance, expensive price, suitable for high-end user groups. Many for the flat net Type filter oil NET, hangs installs the structure. The use of modern industrial automation technology, Internet technology and the perfect combination of multimedia technology, to provide a model for the contemporary intelligent kitchen, leading the modern kitchen into the entertainment and enjoyment of the dynamic ERA. But there are some technical bottlenecks in the popularization of distance.Wall Mounted Range Hood

According to the fan's model to divide, suction range hood can be divided into axial flow and centrifugal two types. Axial-flow fan is generally equipped with shallow hood, large air volume, small wind pressure, centrifugal fan wind pressure. The market to sell the suction hoods mainly centrifugal, so the choice of the type of space is not small, generally is the outside row, with centrifugal fan.Wall Mounted Range Hood