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The Introduction Of Island Hood Oct 25, 2017

The Introduction of Island Hood

1-Summary of Island Hood

Island type lampblack machine, English: ISLAND HOOD, also known as Italy emeete, refers to the lifting at the bar or island cabinet above the ceiling (top wall), surrounded by hanging, for sucking a hanging type range hood bar or island above the oil and gas, open kitchen lampblack machine. With the influence of European living culture, open kitchen with island type lampblack machine represented has become the mainstream and trend of modern kitchen.

2-Feature of Island Hood

2.1 The island type lampblack machine hangs and hangs the device to install by hanging, lampblack machine all sides don't depend on the wall;

2.2 The island lampblack machine has no back, front and rear left and right sides can be seen as the front, the whole hood process requirements technology is very high;

2.3 The island type hood trim (chimney) is located in the middle of the fume hood, and enclosed, island style hood trim than ordinary hood high confidential;

2.4 The island lampblack machine uses high-power high speed motor, suction is often larger, in order to ensure the absorption of oil and gas below the hood;

2.5 In order to form a larger area of smoking, the island lampblack machine volume is often large. Single machine length size is generally divided into 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm four specifications. Combination machine size is generally above 2000mm

3-trend of island hood

The European and American mainstream designers to understand modern kitchen has already reached a consensus, that is modern kitchen should not only cook food people, their cooking place, can also be a recreation and exchange place. According to the design concept, to the island cabinet, open kitchen hood as the representative of the island has become mainstream and the trend of modern kitchen. The introduction of the island cabinet combined dining table and stove has become very optimized, in this scheme, people can achieve 360 degree of freedom around the island cabinet cooking activities, thus greatly improve the operating space; on the other hand, next to the stove bar is an open field can be directly prepared. In the next to the bar, operation difficulty and time saving people.