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The Kitchen Fume Purification Method Sep 01, 2017

First, the hood and exhaust pipe

  On the hood of the purchase would not have said, in short, is to try to choose a good effect hood. It is noteworthy that the hood is installed and abandoned the construction of the pipeline. Kitchen decoration, the construction of the flue, range hood installation, windows exhaust, etc. are critical. If the design is unreasonable, likely to cause anti-smoking, string smoke phenomenon, smoke and other phenomena, so that the home environment is contaminated.

Second, behavior habits

  Good ventilation will reduce the deposition of soot, so be sure to do the kitchen ventilation work. In the circumstances permitting, as far as possible to let the kitchen windows open, increase the flow of air, keep the natural ventilation. At the same time, when cooking, always put the hood open. Do not quickly turn off the dishes, it should continue to keep the operating range of the hood, the residual fumes in the air to smoke out, about ten minutes after the hood off.

Finally, the most common and most commonly used method of soot in the kitchen is clean and clean at all times. Immediately when the fumes are produced, the fumes that have just been formed on the walls and utensils can be wiped with a clean, absorbent cloth. Once the fumes are deposited, other methods are needed for processing. The other is every time you can sprinkle the sprinkled with some dilution of the detergent, the kitchen fumes in the timely formation of the time to "kill".