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The Necessity Of The Existence Of Range Hood Oct 17, 2017

Our people's eating habits are more fried, fried, burning, roast mainly, the use of fuel for gas, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, honeycomb, wood carbon, light diesel and so on, the advanced nature of the stove is not enough, coupled with oil fume containing edible oils at high temperature to produce harmful peroxide and pyrolysis of the product seriously polluted the atmosphere environment. In order to cook in the kitchen, we have to burn all kinds of fuel, in the fuel combustion process, it produces a lot of gas pollutants such as soot co2no2sq2.Range hood

At present, we use a part of the quality of the cooker, the fuel in the combustion process can not be fully burned, produced by the poisonous gas carbon monoxide content is generally higher than the design of the molar ratio of 0.05% in the flue gas standard. Second, in the course of cooking, cooking pot produced by Lampblack is also a major factor in kitchen pollution, but also because people's diet and food habits, lampblack production is also different, including a variety of alkanes, aldehydes, alcohols, benzene furan and other harmful gases. There's a lot of butadiene in the Lampblack, It has a genetic toxicity to the cells caused by cell mutation, cancer or destruction of immune function, a U.S. Cancer research Center recently pointed out that Chinese women with high proportion of lung cancer is due to high temperature cooking oil fumes caused by the harm.Range hood

The choice of cooker must be noted, so that the fuel is fully burned. Ventilation flue must be handled well, choose ventilation good exhaust fan. Can be installed in front of the exhaust fan, after a number of purification devices, so that the full absorption of lampblack. Do a good job in the kitchen, keep a day, every day bright crystal! Regular cleaning of the kitchen smoke system, testing and maintenance of each machine equipment.Range hood