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The Principle Of Recirculating Airflow In The Range Hood Oct 12, 2017

To keep the kitchen clean, it is necessary to make the smoke produced during cooking in time to collect and draw. Which is particularly important to collect fumes, is the most important use of range hood function. And the impact of the collection of hood is its structural form, rather than the size of the air volume. Currently on the market popular European range hood with shallow-shaped hood, and some even near-flat "ultra-thin", "streamline" shaped design. This design is contrary to the principles of aerodynamics, it will greatly improve the efficiency of the extraction hood. And ventilation fans do not have a set of hood, and thus the lack of collection function.Range hood

Another factor is extraction efficiency. Only to maintain a wind pressure higher than 180Pa, in order to form a certain distance of the air circulation. The size of the wind pressure depends on the structure of the impeller design, the general use of the impeller impeller vortex jet type. In fact, this is a mixed-flow impeller, the formation of the wind pressure is greater than the axial fan and far less than the centrifugal fan. Ventilator fan is an axial fan structure, only air volume, but the wind pressure is small, can not form an effective suction force, even in the smoke filled the kitchen to open the use, can only be a small part of the smoke away.Range hood

The efficiency of suction and exhaust smoke greatly improved. But the use of the range hood, the indoor clean, and the discharge of the sewage but caused the outdoor environment, "secondary pollution." To this end, some manufacturers design and development of environmentally friendly pumping unit. It uses a strong spray to form a water film for efficient filtering of fumes, the use of mobile water to remove the kitchen cooking fumes, discharge relatively clean air, to avoid the "secondary pollution."Range hood This new range hood is not stained with smoke, can be removed from the wash, is a more ideal environment-friendly products. There is also a filter cycle type range hood, which rely on the outer oil intake network and the inner layer of carbon filter to suck the smoke, the treated clean air circulation into the room, so no need to install a special external exhaust pipe. This kind of non-polluting fume processor is more common in foreign countries, at present there are a small amount of domestic production, and will be popular in the future varieties.Range hood