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Range Hood is one of the essential modern kitchen supplies, to ensure that the kitchen fresh and handsome, good performance range hood contributed. However, the location of the hood installation, height should be how to determine it? This has a direct impact on the effectiveness of smoke exhaust and the convenience of use. It is also important to ensure that the hood is properly installed.


1. Different hood installation location


Range Hood in accordance with the installation location can be divided into top-suction type, side suction type, suction type three were located above the stove, side and below. Top-suction hood Taking into account the convenience of operation and smoking effect, the height of the stove from the stove in general 65-75cm; while the suction side of the suction hood distance from the stove can be closer, usually between 35-45cm.

Top suction and side suction range hood should be mounted horizontally above the stove, vertical axis of the hood should overlap with the stove center line.


2. Do not worry in the air convection strong place


When setting the installation location of the fume hood, you need to take into account that the fume hood can not be installed in a strong position near the air convection such as doors and windows, so as not to affect the smoking effect. Because if the convection of air is too large, fumes up to 25cm before the effective suction range has spread a lot.


In order to ensure the foolproof installation of flue gas, installation, but also need to pay attention to some of the details of the knowledge.


3.Smoke machine installation location precautions


Out of the tube should be shortened as far as possible, turning radius to be as large as possible, so that you can make a smooth flow of smoke, smoking and noise reduction effect. Install the hood must maintain the level of smoke machine, if tilt will affect the flow of oil within the machine, oil leakage may occur. Use a properly grounded electrical outlet.