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The Reason And Solution Of Noise In Range Hood Sep 02, 2017

The use of the range hood noise reasons:

1. may be anti-valve is not installed in place, stuck to lead to smoke is not smooth

2. may be cleaning the impeller is not correct, resulting in impeller deformation dynamic imbalance

3. the impeller is not installed in place, resulting in with the motor shaft does not match, resulting in noise.

4. the wind pipe installation bending too much, because the more bending, the greater the pressure loss, resulting in smaller suction, poor smoke. 

Range hood noise solution:

1. regular cleaning range hood, often clean the body and the appearance of the filter, and in the oil cup before the oil cups out of the waste oil, cleaning the oil cup. 

2. check the range hood in the fixed between the anastomosis, may be a long time to work, resulting in hood and fixed link between the loose. 

3. check the hood of the impeller, check valve and other internal structure, whether deformed, if it is, please promptly replaced. 

4. smoke pipe smoke is smooth. 

5. the hood is noisy noise, if the hood normal work, but also feel the noise, you can in the kitchen, hall and other indoor environment can absorb a variety of flowers and plants, and more green planting. There is noise in the range hood, we can find a way to solve the normal range can be, and do not spend money, do their own hands, to create a green kitchen environment.