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Wall Mounted Range Hood Cleaning Method Jun 07, 2017

   In all the kitchen problems, the oil is the most troublesome problem, the best way to remove oil is only one - immediately after cooking clean.Wall Mounted Range Hood

    However, if your kitchen has been greasy, had to a "oil war". Range hood: prevention as the main helper: the brand of concentrated stains, scouring pad or sponge. Open the range hood let it run, spray into the fan to the concentration of stains, 5 minutes after the injection of warm water, dissolved oil will flow into the storage tank, directly remove the oil tank cleaning.Wall Mounted Range Hood

    The hood of the hood is easy to clean, can be sprayed with detergent, and then paste the paper towel, so that the detergent decomposition of dirt; half an hour after the peel, and then gently wipe with a sponge, paper towels to absorb detergent, Take the majority of the oil, the effect is better than only spray cleaning agent.Wall Mounted Range Hood

    The hood of the hood can be used in the box before the first layer of plastic wrap, plastic wrap part of the box to stay outside, every time the oil is full, just change the plastic film can be. Can also be in the box before the first detergent bottom, so that the oil is always floating in the above, it is easy to clean up. Remember that after each cooking, do not immediately turn off the hood, let it continue to run, can be left in the air of soot and water vapor and not completely burned carbon monoxide away, reduce the indoor kitchen with oil pollution opportunities!Wall Mounted Range Hood

    This is the most simple cleaning of the hood, you can refer to the following cleaning method:

First, the first three kinds of oil into the outlet of stainless steel removed, forced down on it

Second, with a screwdriver will be three pieces of direct open hot water into the detergent!Wall Mounted Range Hood

Third, the cavity of the cleaning solution is simple, directly with detergent to clean the water with a rag to wipe it. If people are relatively lazy to buy a bottle of degreasing agent, cleaning hood dedicated!

    Hood on the oil fouling is mainly animal and vegetable oil fried fried in the fried fumes generated by condensation, after high temperature oxidation or a long time after the partial oxidation of vegetable oil and cross-linking, the formation of cross-linked similar to the reticular network Solid grease, it is difficult to remove, especially in the hood of the impeller is often gathered a thick layer of grease, both to reduce the effect of excluding fumes, but also increase the motor load, and even damage the motor.Wall Mounted Range Hood

    Special-purpose hood cleaning agent for the characteristics of such grease, the use of special formula, generally by the penetrant, swelling agent, softener and emulsifier composition. Osmotic agent to carry other components into the oil layer; swelling agent to denatured grease swelling or even dissolved; softener to make it hard from the soft, easy to wipe; emulsifier swelling softening of the grease into a gel and emulsified into liquid, This cleaning is very convenient.