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Wall Mounted Range Hood You Know How To Wash The Lampblack Machine Sep 18, 2017

     When it comes to home safety, the highest risk factor is probably the kitchen, where accidental injuries, such as cuts, burns or burns, are most likely to occur. Some people think it is caused by their careless, in fact, the quality of kitchen design can directly reflect the safety of the kitchen or not. For their own safety and family, the best way is to start from the basic, from the original kitchen design to eliminate hidden dangers.Wall Mounted Range Hood

    The first is the height of the hanging cabinet and hanger height, and even the size of the hanging in the kitchen to calculate a good, according to the height of the family to design, to avoid a tall accidentally hit the head, while the width of the hanging cabinet should be designed to be narrower than the workbench. The height of the range hoods can not be ignored, must be the user height as the benchmark, preferably a little higher than the head, or "broken" is inevitable, generally speaking hoods and hearth distance is not more than 60 centimeters.Wall Mounted Range Hood

    The stove is best designed in the center of the countertop, to ensure that there is a table beside the hearth, so that when stir-fry can be safely and promptly placed from the furnace to remove the pot or soup pot, to avoid burns. The increase in kitchen appliances also makes electrical safety in the kitchen particularly important. When dealing with internal appliances, the edge should be reserved so that repairs are easy to move when the appliance fails. Refrigerator into the kitchen is a trend, but the location is not close to the stove, because the latter often produce heat and is also a source of pollution, affecting the temperature in the refrigerator. At the same time, the refrigerator should not be too close to the sink, to avoid leaking water caused by the refrigerator leakage.Wall Mounted Range Hood

    For young families who do not frequently use or just process some simple semi-finished products in the kitchen, it is advisable to scrub the surface. Expert reminder, when cleaning the hood, do not rub the wind leaf, can spray the cleaning agent on the wind vane, let the wind vane rotate to tumble dry, lest the distortion increases the resistance. can also only be smoked face leaves, soaked in with $number drip detergent and 50 ml vinegar mixed with warm water, 10-20 minutes later, and then with a clean cloth scrub. The shell and other parts are also cleaned with this solution. This method is harmless to the skin and does not corrode the device.Wall Mounted Range Hood