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What Is The Precautions Of The Range Hood Installation? Aug 15, 2017

Note on the installation of the range hood

First, the range hood installation precautions

1. Range hood installation environment: the range hood should be installed around the doors and windows should be too much, because the doors and windows too much air convection is too large, so that the rise of soot to 250mm effective suction range has spread a lot, the effect of smoke and smoke affected The

2. The range hood should be installed directly above the fume exhaust, with a height of 650-700 mm.

3. Suction hood exhaust pipe installation requirements:

(1) exhaust to the body of the distance should not be too long, turning radius as large as possible and less turn, otherwise affect the smoke effect.

(2) exhaust pipe outdoors or into the common suction cold air flue, the interface should be tight, without the exhaust gas to the hot flue.

4. Range hood body to maintain the level: the body after installation, observe the level.

Second, the range hood installation method

1, as shown in the wall, drilled 3-10 holes in the wall, the depth of 50-55mm, buried 10 plastic expansion tube, and then hook with wood screws.

2. Insert the smoke hose into the check valve assembly and tighten with the 2-st2.9x8 tapping screw.

3. After lifting the machine, the rear wall of the two rectangular holes can be linked to the hook can be linked to the exhaust hose out of the room, pay attention to the exhaust hose exports should be lower than the indoor.

4. Install a m5x25 screw in the screw hole in the middle of the hanging plate and tighten it to prevent the hood from slipping and the installation is complete.

Third, the use of range hood and precautions

1. How to use the hood Insert the power plug into a 3-pin power outlet with a grounding device,

(1) in the shutdown state, press the "strong" "weak" button, you can start the smoke machine, running in strong wind / weak wind state, "strong" "weak" key with interlocking function.

(2) "light" button for a separate control of the lights, press the lights, and then click the light off.

(3) In the power on, press the "off" button, so that the operating state of the smoke machine to stop working.

2. Precautions

(1) The gas discharged from the range hood should not be routed into the hot flue used for the discharge of smoke or other fuels to prevent the occurrence of fire.

(2) The range hood is used when the stove consumes gas or other fuel. The room must be well ventilated

(3) banned fire directly baked range hood.

(4) A reliable grounded electrical outlet must be used

(5) If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced with a dedicated cord or a dedicated component from its manufacturer or service department.

(6) If you do not follow the provisions of the Pearl clear method, the range hood has the risk of fire.

(7) When replacing the lamp, please unplug the power, each lamp power is not greater than 20w.

(8) When cleaning, wear rubber gloves to prevent damage to metal parts, remove the parts to gently, so as not to deformation.

(9) should be particularly careful when cleaning the wind wheel, not collision deformation or moving the weight of the blade, or cause the machine vibration, noise increases.

(10) Do not unplug the power cord for a long time.

Fourth, the range hood routine maintenance and maintenance To maintain the performance of the range hood, to extend its life, should always pay attention to daily maintenance, maintenance, please unplug the power plug to ensure safety.

1. Always keep the outside of the body of the range hood clean, please use a dry cloth or a mild detergent with a soft cloth to wipe the shell and the net cover.

2. When the oil cups filled with oil up to eight points must be drained, so as not to spill pollution of the environment, oil cups can not use strong acid or alkali cleaning agent soaked cleaning

3. Filter used for some time (usually about twenty days); will be attached to the oil and affect the use of the effect, must be removed for cleaning.

4. Do not use water directly flush the hood to prevent electrical components into the water. 5. If the exhaust hood is abnormal, should immediately cut off the power, suspended.