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What Is The Range Hood Maintenance Method? Sep 25, 2017

The hood does not light

Solution: range hood if the motor will turn, the light is not bright, then the bulb is burned, replace the bulb on it.

Hood smoke effect is poor

Solution: check the next is not the height of the hood installation height, the appropriate height adjustment and the stove with a distance of 65cm-75cm. If the direction of the mouth of the smoke is not right, in front of a foreign body to block; to change the installation location, to avoid obstacles. Smoke pipe interface, the phenomenon of leakage; to be sealed on the interface. Oil filter oil too much; should be cleaned regularly.

Noise is generated when the motor is operating

Solution: the impeller may not be installed in place, if the installation is not in place caused by noise, you can re-install the impeller, you can. There may be foreign body into the duct, if it should be clear foreign body, to ensure clean air duct.

The hood produces vibrations

Solution: due to loose screws, such as motor cover screws, impeller center shaft fastening rivets, etc., should be found loose parts, tighten the screw or re-install; hood is not installed to make the level of vibration, Hood; impeller installation is not in place or impeller deformation loss of balance to produce vibration, need to re-commission the installation of the impeller.

The hood has oil spills

Solution: hood because there is no cleaning for a long time, resulting in oil tank too much oil should be cleaned regularly; fume machine body oil spill, smoke machine and machine should be regular cleaning; hood installation uneven The

The hood has no reaction

Liberation method: due to power problems, the power is not plugged or no power, plug in the power or wait for calls; plug and socket contact bad, overhaul the plug, seat or replacement; power board insurance; Due to circuit problems, the hood switch bad contact or damage, to be overhaul Replace the electronic switch machine electrical connection wire or terminal loose, fall off, you can find the point of re-connection fastening. The power cord is disconnected or the interface is loose. Replace the power cord or connect the interface.