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Why Installation The Range Hood And Purchase Do You Know Aug 10, 2017

    Range hood is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. It is installed in the kitchen health energy-saving range hood stove above, can burn the stove burning and cooking process harmful to the human body smoke quickly evacuated, outdoors, reduce pollution, clean air, and anti-virus, explosion-proof security effect.   

    Purchase misunderstanding:

Misunderstanding 1: "round into the air, you can 360°into the wind" errors. Many of the side of the market side of the suction machine has a circular mouth, claiming 360°into the wind. But in fact, the stove two fumes produced by the distribution of fumes on both sides, and the central location of the smoke, only to ensure that the smoke from the central area of the full range of smoke, far away from the smoke is easy to escape, so this 360°The air inlet is only 360°open design, not to achieve all the smoke into the. Then let the two stove smoke at the same time inhalation, we must ensure that a well-developed air inlet.

Misunderstanding 2: "The greater the air volume, the better the smoking effect"Mistakes. Smoking effect can not only by virtue of the amount of air to determine the air volume is too large not only smoke can not smoke, but also disrupt the direction of the flow of fumes. "Eleventh Five-Year" research shows that the most suitable public air flue is 15m3/min, not the bigger the better. And theoretically, the fan air volume and noise is a pair of natural contradictions, air volume over the big, but caused unbearable noise.

Misunderstanding 3: "There is oil net is more clean" misunderstanding. Side suction close smoking, natural contact with the fume is also earlier, gaseous oil contact with the oil network began to encounter condensation into liquid, when the oil droplets condensed to a certain extent, smoke can no longer pass. Therefore, the technical experts in order to change the annoyance of the oil network, developed a "triple fume separation technology," the oil-free network design, through the multi-layer technology to filter fumes, a modern side of the suction machine is a technological innovation for customers to solve the Clean oil network problems.

Misunderstanding 4: "free washable side suction machine can really free washable." The real fumes are separated by the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the impeller to separate the soot. The market is self-proclaimed to remove the smoke from the filter, and the filter is only for the first fume separation. A function of a filter to expand into a can filter every million smoke network, is clearly impossible, with only better fan anti-oil coating and good daily maintenance in order to ensure long-term efficient operation of the hood.

Misunderstanding 5: panel material does not matter

On the panel material, the promoters may "deliberately forget" do not mention, or directly say a certain term of the alloy to flicker consumers.In fact, to test the material is also very simple, the best domestic materials are generally imported M-Cr steel material, looks fine texture. This material is resistant to oxidation, corrosion and will rub more light. To distinguish the difference between such materials and general alloy materials, only need to try directly with the magnet can be sucked on, then certainly for the general poor quality alloy or iron, can not be sucked on the steel material. There is also a panel is protected by Teflon coating, with non-stick oil easy to clean anti-corrosion, etc., is in addition to stainless steel, another excellent panel material.